General information brochure

Below a general information brochure on our carbon based Power Capacitors. Leaflet_kurt-energy-A4 download


Unparalleled robustness of blue cell power capacitors

How robust are blue cell power capacitors? This you know only when you test beyond the specifications of the datasheet. While the full test report is being prepared, hereby a few early test resulst of last week. First we test some 18500 and a some 18650 cells by...

Hybrid Powercapacitors for hybrid drives

How can hybrid power capacitors be used best and improve on lithium-in batteries? Why is power density a competitve advantage? How can it save weight and hence reduce the energy consumption? Read the full article here: Hybrid powercaps and hybrid drives

Stress test based on WLTP profile

New stress test with carbon based power capacitor. This time we simulate the WLTP driving profile by loading a cell at 0.5C, 1.0C, 5.0C, 10.0C (1C = 1.3 Ah). Average load: 3C. Things to notice: the cell charges to 75% at 5C in 10 minutes, the cell completes 3 test...

Stress testing at 20C

Last month we completed new stress tests on the power capacitor cells at the test facilities of Flanders Make. Here's one of the results you can find in the full report. An 18650 cell (2,7V / 1.3 Ah) is fully charged at 10C (13 A at 2,75V) and then discharged with...

White Paper 2: Game Changing Carbon based Power Capacitors at Work

Carbon based Power Capacitors are a game changer. These devices deliver energy densities comparable with the best batteries, but with power densities that are only found with supercapacitors. Being supercapacitors, they keep relatively cool and hence share the...


Certification package available on request

 A certification package available for 18500 and 18650 cells. Following documents are available on request: EMC test report EN 62133-2 MSDS ROHS REACH Contact us if you need them.