Hybrid powercapacitor for lower power but long-lasting operation 200 Wh/kg, > 10000 cycles

Not all applications require high power but need the energy to operate a long time without recharging. Yet they also need to operate at low freezing temperatures as well as in hot environments, eventually, charge from a small solar panel and last for years in all safety. Typical applications are wireless IoT devices, portable pay terminals, but also portable measuring tools, etc.

The cells we use are the cylindrical 23680G 4V-4Ah and 18650G 4V-3.3 Ah cells and the small 8860 4V-5 Ah pouch cell. Very simple and robust and they last  20000 cycles. The cells deliver upto 1.5C sustained with proven and tested robustness upto 4.5C.




Hybrid powercapacitors delivering sustained reliability and robustness with high power and medium energy 80 and 100 Wh/kg in an aluminium shell 18500 and 18650 cylindrical format

Produced in volume, these cells use an activated carbon nanomaterial in an aluminum housing. Few rare earth materials are used and the recyclability is high.  These cells have proven to be extremely robust and safe, even remaining functional (with some capacity loss) over overcharging abuse and even hard short-circuit tests.

We use here the cylindrical 18500 3V 1Ah and 18650 2.5V 1.25 Ah cells. Both work well at extreme temperatures and last upto 20000 cycles.  Both cells have a high power capability of 10C and resp. 20C and can charge fast in minutes.




A trustworthy workhorse in a steel 21700 format at 140 Wh/kg and delivering over 25A @ 4V

No thermal run-away even when overcharged or with hard short ciruit test.

Find a comprehensive presentation here: Altreonic_Kurt.energy_21700

When a high energy density and a high power density are needed in a smaller volume, then the new 4V 2.5 Ah 21700 cells come into play. These cells can deliver about 25A sustained, with room for more. The form factor also allows a more compact assembly resulting in the highest combined energy and power density modules in the industry. Yet these cells also operate at extreme temperatures, offering more than 10000 cycles.

Super high POWER, medium ENERGY

60140 cells delivering  540 A sustained and peaks of 2000 A @ 4V

Find a comprehensive presentation here: Altreonic_Kurt.energy_60140

For applications that need very high power and yet sustain it for minutes (something traditional supercapacitors can’t) there is a new cylindrical 16400 cell operating at 4V and with an 18 Ah capacity. Yes, it is large but it can deliver 540A sustained with 10 seconds burst of upto 2000 A. It also features a very low internal resistance (about 0.5 mOhm) and has an energy density of about 80 Wh/kg. Of course, such high power applications are not mainstrean one, but think about very fast grid stabilisation, e-VTOLs and racing vehicles.