After a successful showing of the game changing Carbon based Power Capacitors at the Battery Show 2019.

Visit us again in Stuttgart 15 – 17 October 2020

Kurt.Energy specialises in trustworthy clean energy system solutions.   Core building blocks are carbon based power capacitors, we call them our Blue Cell Power Capacitors. Contrary to classical lithium based batteries, these are simple to use, work from -40°C to +80°C, have lifecycles (full charge/descharge) from 10000 to 50000 cycles, no BMS needed, no thermal risk. The most cost-efficient and long-life solution on the market.

Ideal battery

In search of the ideal battery In search of a cleaner world, electric energy is gaining a lot in attention. Tiny electrons are the new fuel but without the inefficient chemical process that requires oxygen; producing heat and unwanted combustion gases as a not always...

The battery everyone is waiting for has arrived.

1. High energy density 23680 hybrid energy capacitor cells reach production milestone. The battery everyone has been looking for has arrived. And it is not a battery. It's a hybrid Energy Capacitor. No need to wait for Battery Day. Battery energy storage is one of the...

China to Enforce Electric Vehicle Safety by 2021

Does one need a clearer statement that Li-ion batteries are unsafe? And is the complexity needed to mitigate (not eliminate) the risk not another sign that we need something better that is simple and robust? Besides the risk of fire, Li-ion batteries also emit a lot...

Comprehensive overview with New Atlas article

For a short and comprehensive overview on our breakthrough carbon based hybrid powercapacitors, have a look at this article in New Atlas. Scepticism allowed, we passed that stage as well. The reactions in terms of more info requests have been phenomenal. Thanks to...

Very low temperature tests by T.U.Munich

The Technical University of Munich, Institute of Astronautics is conducting a test campaign at very low temperatures. The first results are very promising. The following graph shows a capacity test of a 18650 cell and a 23680 cell from 0 °C down to -50 °C The graph...

Visit us at the Battery Show 2020 Stuttgart

Altreonic - had a very successful participation at Battery Show 2019 in Stuttgart. Our visitors were delighted to discover a truely safe and more powerful alternative based on powercapacitors, using advanced carbon nano-materials. A major step forward for...


80 to 230 Wh/kg

80 – 230 Wh/kg

230 Wh/kg

Safe batteries are needed everywhere: