Successful showing of the game changing Carbon based Power Capacitors at the Battery Show 7-9 May 2019 in Stuttgart.

Kurt.Energy specialises in trustworthy clean energy system solutions.   Core building blocks are carbon based power capacitors, we call them our Blue Cell Power Capacitors. Contrary to classical lithium based batteries, these are simple to use, work from -40°C to +80°C, have lifecycles (full charge/descharge) from 10000 to 50000 cycles, no BMS needed, no thermal risk. The most cost-efficient and long-life solution on the market.

Automotive Suppliers’ Day Baden-Württemberg 22-Nov-2019

Meet Altreonic - at: Details and registration for this event: Zulieferertag Automobilwirtschaft BW

Power capacitors in the media at Busworld 2019

Powercapacitors in the news. On the occasion of Busworld 2019,  taking place in Brussels 18-23 October 2019, we had the opportunity to present the benefits of powercapacitors for hybrid and electric buses in a specila editio of exhibition's magazine. Please find below...

Unparalleled robustness of blue cell power capacitors

How robust are blue cell power capacitors? This you know only when you test beyond the specifications of the datasheet. While the full test report is being prepared, hereby a few early test resulst of last week. First we test some 18500 and a some 18650 cells by...

European platform aims to bridge gap between battery investors and businesses

The new Business Investment Platform  The EBA reconfirms that the business size of the European battery value chain will represent more than EUR 250 billion annually, by 2025. Designed to bridge the gap between financial institutions and businesses, the BIP will...

Hybrid Powercapacitors for hybrid drives

How can hybrid power capacitors be used best and improve on lithium-in batteries? Why is power density a competitve advantage? How can it save weight and hence reduce the energy consumption? Read the full article here: Hybrid powercaps and hybrid drives

Stress test based on WLTP profile

New stress test with carbon based power capacitor. This time we simulate the WLTP driving profile by loading a cell at 0.5C, 1.0C, 5.0C, 10.0C (1C = 1.3 Ah). Average load: 3C. Things to notice: the cell charges to 75% at 5C in 10 minutes, the cell completes 3 test...

Datasheets Carbon Based Power Capacitors

In attachment the datasheet of our game changing Carbon based Power Capacitors. Carbon based power capacitor-Datasheet_01092019

Power Capacitors great succes at the Battery Show

Altreonic - had a very successful participation at Battery Show in Stuttgart. While the exhibition was still dominated by Lithium based battery technology, our visitors were delighted to discover a truely safe and more powerful alternative based on...

Certification package available on request

 A certification package available for 18500 and 18650 cells. Following documents are available on request: EMC test report EN 62133-2 MSDS ROHS REACH Contact us if you need them.

Stress testing at 20C

Last month we completed new stress tests on the power capacitor cells at the test facilities of Flanders Make. Here's one of the results you can find in the full report. An 18650 cell (2,7V / 1.3 Ah) is fully charged at 10C (13 A at 2,75V) and then discharged with...


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