Successful showing of the game changing Carbon based Power Capacitors at the Battery Show 7-9 May 2019 in Stuttgart.

Kurt.Energy specialises in trustworthy clean energy system solutions.   Core building blocks are carbon based power capacitors, we call them our Blue Cell Power Capacitors. Contrary to classical lithium based batteries, these are simple to use, work from -40°C to +80°C, have lifecycles (full charge/descharge) from 10000 to 50000 cycles, no BMS needed, no thermal risk. The most cost-efficient and long-life solution on the market.

TECHtalk Battle of the batteries 26 Nov 2019 has been presenting our carbon based hybrid power capacitors in comparison with other battery technologies. Details and registration for this event. See Hereby the presentation: 20191220 Altreonic BattleofBatteriesHD

Unmatched robustness of blue cell power capacitors

How robust are blue cell power capacitors? You only know this when you test them beyond the specifications of the datasheet. While the full test report is being prepared, hereby a few early test results.  The main stress and abuse tests are as follows: Charging and...

Power capacitors for hybrid drives leaflet

A short 2 pages leaflet on using carbon based power capacitors for hybrid drives. Powercapacitors for hybrid drives

Nobel price goes to Lithium-ion battery inventors but …

The MIT Technology review provides a comprehensive overview on what this nobel price means. After 100 years, lithium-ion batteries are a significant step towards more usable batteries. It brought us a step closer to a more practical use of "portable" and "mobile" use...

Power capacitors successfully tested at Flanders Make labs

Since many years Alttreonic has a cooperation with Flanders Make (previously called Flanders Drive). The first common research project (ASIL) was related to mapping out a methodology for automotive safety. This project also covered other safety domains and was...

Automotive Suppliers’ Day Baden-Württemberg 22-Nov-2019

Meet Altreonic - at: Details and registration for this event: Zulieferertag Automobilwirtschaft BW


80 to 200 Wh/kg

80 – 200 Wh/kg

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