While Kurt.energy has been using hybrid powercapacacitors with success for more than 2 years, a new generation is now becoming available.  Twice as high energy densities, a DoD that reaches close to 100%, a lower internal resistance (< 10 mOhm) while still offering 20000 cycles, no risk of spontaneous fire, operating from -40 to +80°C, robustness, high power and fast charging, etc. mean that this new generation is now becoming a real alternative for Lithium-ion batteries, especially for demanding applications. Kurt.energy has been testing and evaluating two types:

  • 23680 and small pouch cells for lower power (typically 1C), high energy (> 200 Wh/kg) applications like IoT, portable devices, and more.
  • 21700 cells for high power (20C and beyond), and high energy (> 140 Wh/kg) applications with dynamic load profiles.

We have done charge / discharge tests  beyond the datasheet and even hard short-circuit tests with positive results. New assembly schemes were developed as well. Batteries have been configured for selected early customers.

More information will follow.

Meanwhile the following graph clearly illustrates the difference between hybrid pwoercapacitors (LiC), classical supercapacitors (EDCL) and Lithium-ion(LiB) cells.

For those who are interested in taking a peek at what’s going on in a lithium-ion cell, see the following video. Don’t get scared.