Abstract: Multi-Moby is an ambitious project aiming at quickly finalising the results of a cluster of European projects, addressing the development of technology for safe, efficient and affordable urban electric vehicles (EVs). This paper presents developments in the first half of the Multi-Moby project, which involves low-cost M1 and N1 EVs manufactured via low-investment manufacturing techniques. Despite their low-cost, the Multi-Moby EVs have excellent passive safety, enhanced by pre-emptive active safety controllers. The EVs can be configured for 100 V or 48 V powertrains, both highly efficient. In addition, fast charging has been enabled by the novel hybrid supercapacitor-battery cells and high-powered wall box chargers. The next steps of the project are to examine low-cost autonomous driving solutions, based on software instead of expensive lidar or radar hardware.

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TRA_Lisbon_2022 – Multi-Moby overview v1.7

Conference data:

14 – 17 November 2022
Transport Research Arena Conference Lisbon 2022