Solutions to the energy flow problems

Blue Cell Power Capacitors

Produced in volume, these cells use an activated carbon nanomaterial in an aluminium housing. No rare earth materials are used and the recyclability is high. With a low internal resistance, they not only contain as much energy as most lithium based cells on the market but provide up to 10 or 20x more current without overheating. Safe and ready for life long charging and discharging.

Note: we don’t sell separate cells. All battery packs are customer specific.

Cells assembled into module.

Cells can be assembled in almost any configuration to reach a specific Voltage and Current capability, providing a specific Power capability. Such battery modules are our first level building blocks. They can be assembled according to customer or application specific configurations. An example are the 12 or 24VDC vehicle batteries. delivers modules based on 48VDC in a handy 19″ format. A typical power capability is 1 to 4 kWh.

Modules grouped into racks

Modules can be grouped into racks to provide higher Voltages, Current and Power capabilities. A typical rack can deliver 10 to 50 kWh and has it own monitoring system, that can be read out remotely.

Racks grouped into containers 

Racks can be grouped into containers or sheltered buildings to provide higher power capabilities. Containers can deliver up to several MWh depending on Voltage and Current Requirements. These can be remotely monitored and managed.