Below are the datasheets of our game-changing Carbon-based hybrid Powercapacitors (updated 20012023). Subject to changes.

Comparative overview:

Hybrid Supercapacitors overview

Cell data with capacity and energy discharging graphs:

Datasheet 23680G-040-40

Datasheet 8256G-050-40

Datasheet 18500T-010-32

Datasheet 18650T-013-25

Datasheet 21700Y-022-40

Datasheet 21700Y-024-40

Datasheet 60140Y-180-40


1. Individual cells can have +/- 5% deviation from their nominal values. The graphs are the result of testing a specific cell and hence can deviate when measured on another cell.

2. The datasheet values are approximate boundaries that can be restricted depending on the application operating conditions. Actual values are to be confirmed by testing.