High power in a cool package.    

Our hybrid supercapacitors shine when the demands are high and the 21700 4V/2.4Ah cells are our working horse.  Typical use cases are hybrid systems, like for traction in a vehicle, a fuel cell generator, a UPS or powering a motor with a high dynamic load and energy recovery. The benefits of the cells are first of all ultra-high safety, high power (10C with short peaks up to 20C), hence fast charging, long lifetime (up to 20000 cycles), but also a modest ohmic resistance which greatly reduces the generated heat. The combined properties achieve a very low cycle cost but also a reduced system cost. No liquid cooling is needed which increases the robustness, it reduces maintenance costs but even the noise level as passive cooling or simple air ventilation is often sufficient.

Below a picture of a 600V 20 Ah battery. It has a BMS (mainly needed for monitoring) with a CAN interface. A test with the battery being discharged for 120 seconds at a modest 5C (100A) registered a temperature increase of about 4°C. Note that the test temperature was 50°C.

Voltage – time:

Temperature – time: