Hybrid Supercapacitors meet the demanding needs of Africa.

One of the challenges in many still developing African countries is the energy supply. The countries are vast, the infrastructure is still being built up and the environmental conditions can be challenging. One of the consequences is the widespread use of portable phones. These are a lifeline for its users and for running a business. The challenge is to keep the phones charged. No grid also means that having a burning light in the house or having a powered fridge to keep food fresh, requires batteries.

This is where our hybrid supercapacitors make a difference. They are robust, can tolerate higher temperatures, won’t start to burn and last a lifetime. Our latest projects offer fast charging powerbanks and portable powerstations whereby the li-ion LiPo cells have been retrofitted with a battery composed of Hybrid Supercapacitors. A benefit is also that the available capacity is significantly higher than before.

Below are pictures of a 100Wh/32 Ah powerbank and a 2 kWh portable power station.