EU Horizon 2020 MULTI-MOBY project terminated

MULTI-MOBY was an ambitious 3-year project aiming at finalizing the development, manufacturing and deployment in the market of safe, efficient, and affordable urban electric vehicles for passengers and light logistics. Based on a state of the art body concept, it addressed issues of autonomous driving capabilities, highly efficient powertrains, robust fast-charging battery packs, software-enabled control and maintenance as well as agile decentralized production. delivered a fast-charging battery using the hybrid carbon-based supercapacitor cells and developed a battery load simulator adapted to the high current capabilities. Altreonic also investigated in-depth new hybrid supercapacitors. With a focus on safety, numerous stress and abuse tests from -30 to +80°C were executed. Finally, two cells were retained. A comparison with mainstream NMC-type Li-Ion batteries demonstrated that our latest cells are on-par, offering the same range (verified on WLTC and Artemis driving cycles) while offering the benefits of supercapacutors (safety, extended temperature range,  high power and fast charging, > 10000 cycles, ….).

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