exclusively focuses on hybrid supercapacitor cells to develop customized battery solutions for our customers. Hybrid supercapacitors combine the advantageous properties of supercapacitors with the energy capabilities of lithium-ion battery cells.

Since the initial hybrid supercapacitors approximately four years ago, significant advancements have been achieved. Cells had an energy density of 80 to 100 Wh/kg and a high power rating of up to 20C (25A). In the previous year, we introduced the new ultrasafe 4V 2.4 Ah 21700 cells, boasting an energy density of 130 Wh/kg and a power rating of 10C (25A). Our latest cell technology provides an impressive energy density of about 240 Wh/kg, surpassing most Li-ion battery cells. As usual, there are trade-offs. More energy often means less power, even if most other properties like cycle life (> 10000), temperature (-40 to +80°C), and safety (no dendrites) remain comparable. The graph below gives a good overview of where hybrid supercapacitors fit in the battery energy storage and power landscape.

Customer-specific hybrid supercapacitor cells and batteries

We specialize in creating hybrid supercapacitor solutions tailored to each customer’s needs.  Applications are very diverse, such as single-cell use in IoT and portable devices, low-voltage power batteries for light electric vehicles (e.g. e-scooters, AGVs), and high voltage high-capacity/high-power batteries for various energy or power-driven applications (fuel cell generators, hybrid powertrains, energy on demand, UPS, etc.). While these applications have distinct voltage levels (ranging from 0 to 12V, 36 to 72V, 600 to over 800V), each battery’s capacity, power ratings, and dimensions tend to differ. To ensure compatibility, Altreonic often designs custom enclosures for the batteries to seamlessly integrate them into the respective systems. This approach also extends to the cells used within the battery, particularly when space and energy/power requirements are stringent for a given application.

Altreonic now offers sustomised cells in collaboration with its cell manufacturing partners.

Following cells have already been developed:

The 8256G 4V 5.25 Ah small pouch cell (82x56x9 mm), featuring 191 Wh/kg

The 18650 4V 3.3 Ah cylindrical cell, featuring 245 Wh/kg

Above are “energy-type”  cells, and ideal for IoT type applications. The cells can operate from -20 to +70°C (with some limitations) and deliver over 10000 cycles.

For details or to discuss your own application-specific requirements, please contact Altreonic.