We recently were contacted by the Ingenieursbureau IRRI. They had a special assignment to develop a load and tilting mechanism to put a green garden on top of a high 100-story building in Brussels.  The earth and other material is hosted by a crane to the roof in tiltable containers of 2 tons, each being able to hold some 10 tons, giving a total weight of 12 tons. 100’s of such 12 containers needed to be lifted in a period of 2 months.

They needed quickly a safe and powerful battery. Hence we took one of our test batteries, refurbished it to make it fully waterproof.

The result is a small box in stainless steel that was attached to the tilting container mechanism. The battery itself has some 430 Wh (but capable of > 5kW in power), has no BMS and will last for years to come.

See the picture and video: