Case study:
Powercapacitor batteries for a full electric 220 ton mining truck

On the road towards decarbonization in the mining industry, going electric is one of the main options to reach zero-emission mining. Currently a mining truck consumes 135 liter diesel per hour. We replace it with a battery that can deliver 2 MW in power and can be used with a variety of fast charging options.
A major concern for the mining industry is operational cost. A mining truck has to drive 24/7 with barely 15 minutes per day for refueling. When it is not driving for maintenance or refueling it costs money. In addition, mining operations happen in extreme cold as well as in desert-like warm temperatures. Inside a mine, fire safety is paramount.
This means that the design of a mining vehicle battery is a challenging task. It must deliver high power, it must charge fast, it must be very robust and safe in all conditions. This makes that regular Li-ion batteries are unfit, they are prone to unpredictable fires for example.
This paper will discuss a solution with hybrid carbon-based powercapacitors. The powercapacitors deliver the power to the electric motor, and act as the energy buffer between charging points, be it by regenerative braking or by charging on the road.

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