Combining a 250 KW of hydrogen fuel cells with a 30 kWh powercapacitor battery

Hydrogen fuel cells are seen as one of the promising technologies to push the transition to electric energy forward. They use hydrogen as input and generate electricity with only water vapor as a clean by-product. One issue is that fuel cells need some start-up time (upto 30 seconds) and also regulating the output is not instantaneously. This is where powercapacitors come in. A powercapactor battery is able to deliver the required peak power in milliseconds but can also absorb very fast excess energy.

In the picture on the side, you see a 37 kWh/800VDC powercapacitor battery (blue box) next to the regulator and power cabinet of a 250 KW fuel cell system (not shown for reasons of confidentiality). It’s maximum designed charging of discharging power is over 400 kW. The powercapacitor battery absorbs all the power swings and stabilises the 250 kW output, even when the fuel cells are starting up. Besides mportant operational properties of the powercapacitors are safety (no fire risk next to a hydrogen source),  simplicity and robustness (no BMS, no active cooling), long lifetime (20000 cycles) and its capabilty to operate at extreme temperatures.

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