Since many years Alttreonic has a cooperation with Flanders Make (previously called Flanders Drive). The first common research project (ASIL) was related to mapping out a methodology for automotive safety. This project also covered other safety domains and was valuable input to our systems engineering methodology. In the COMPACT project we investigated the reliability of electronics and used Flanders Make test equipment for the first time for testing the reliability of LFP (Lithium-Iron-Phophate) batteries. This showed us that such batteries did have serious issues at freezing temperatures but worse, lost 50% of their capacity after being charged at a modest 0.5  C at 40°C. This was the start of a quest for a better and really practical solution, which we found. Carbon based hybrid power capacitors are now Altreonic’s working horse. In the last months we completed various tests on these game changing technology. All our tests results have surpassed the expectations. The tests demonstrate an enormous robustness and how the cells keep cool even under demanding loads.



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