Register as a beta-user for our new on-line battery load simulator

for powercapacitor battery developers​’s in-house developed battery load simulator has proven to be a very helpful tool for configuring a power capacitor battery before it is actually built.  With as input a load profile and a selected reference battery, we can simulate the battery load over the given load profile and deduct calendar lifetime parameters taking into account the actual load, the temperature profile, and how the battery will be used. will soon release an on-line version that registered developers can use to submit their own load profile. The simulator is accessed through a standard browser. Each registered user will have its own private repository for his projects with the output generated in a pdf file. Later on, the battery load simulator will lbe extended with for example the capability to compare with other battery types.

If you are eager to apply the simulator to your specific application, contact us and become an early beta-user.  Register here: request and contact page

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