Are hybrid powercapacitors only used in high power traction applications? Of course not. One of the applications at the other end of the power spectrum is IoT (Internet of Things).
SODAQ has recently passed the development stage and is bringing its AIR air quality monitor to the market using a crowd funding campaign.  It took 7 years,  2 prototypes, 750,000 kilometers, and 20 million air quality measurements later to finally release the product and select a powercapacitor as its energy source.

The portable air quality monitor comes fitted with a multitude of sensors, providing a holistic understanding of the air quality and environmental conditions where the air quality reading was taken. A typical use is to mount it on a bicycle monitoring air quality while cycling. The new “Know Your Air” platform will display global insights on air pollution, as well as the individual route through a unique identifier. The AIR device and its collected data are open-source, giving everyone, everywhere access to create solutions for a healthier living environment.

View the pre-launch Kickstarter page here.

For any questions on the AIR device, please reach out to