Altreonic partner in new EU Horizon 2020 MULTI-MOBY project

MULTI-MOBY is an ambitious 3-year project aiming at finalizing the development, manufacturing and deployment in the market of safe, efficient, and affordable urban electric vehicles for passengers and light logistics. Based on a state of the art body concept, it will address issues of autonomous driving capabilities, highly efficient powertrains, robust fast-charging battery packs, software-enabled control and maintenance as well as agile decentralized production. is responsible for the fast-charging battery using the hybrid carbon-based powercapacitors. The consortium has 9 partners: Infineon (A), IFEV (IT), Cidaut (ES), Valeo (FR), Dana (IT), Nanomotion (IL), Univ. Surrey (UK), Bitron (IT) and Altreonic (BE).

Visit the website at obtained a Seal of Excellence for its SME-II proposal.