had a very succesful participation at the Battery Show. While the exhibition was still dominated by Lithium based battery technology, our visitors were delighted to discover a truely safe and more powerful alternative based on powercapacitors, using advanced carbon nano-materials. A major step forward for the battery based electric energy and power. No longer a proof of concept technology but a real-world reality.

Interest is now worldwide covering a wide range of applications. Some of the domains: space, heavy mining vehicles, hybrid trucks, e-bike batteries, old-timer electrification, UPS and energy storage, grid stabilisation, off-grid streetlighting, mobile fast chargers, portable power tools,  hybrid vehicles, AGVs, Trains. Power capacitors batteries are attractive solutions when the power needs can be high, the operating temperatures extreme, safety and reliability requirements high and a long lifetime essential for the application to be economic and sustainable.

The Battery Show Europe