Kurt.energy specialises in trustworthy new energy system solutions. Our main working horses are carbon based power capacitors, which we call our Blue Cell Power Capacitors.

The company

Altreonic is the technology company behind kurt.energy

With a background in demanding sectors like aerospace-defense, Altreonic has been focusing on “Trustworthy Systems Engineering”, and has developed its own unique and domain independent methodology as well as the supporting tools like GoedelWorks and VirtuosoNext Designer. The KURT.mobi project uses these tools extensively in its software based control of the vehicles. Both tools play a crucial role for our roadmap towards autonomous driving. In our quest for a safe and reliable battery, we discovered the game changing carbon based power capacitors. These are the foundation of a new division Kurt.Energy. For more history and current activities of Altreonic visit Altreonic 

Our mission

Our aim is to deliver trustworthy clean energy solutions, which are sustainable (safe, long lasting and cost-efficient over their lifetime)  and practical. We apply hereby a multi-domain systems engineering approach, analysing the real needs before we select a solution. 

Find hereby a short presentation on who we are, the technology we us and our raodmap: 20190326 short Altreonic B2B battery only


We are a dedicated team of experienced, multi-disciplinary and dynamic people all sharing the common goal of bringing trustworthy solutions to the clean energy market.

Eric Verhulst

Eric Verhulst

Founder, CEO/CTO

Annie Dejonghe

Annie Dejonghe

Founder, CEO/CFO