Premium car and vehicle batteries

Premium batteries for highest trust and performance

Premium car batteries using carbon based Power Capacitors

While lead-acid batteries have a long history and are still much in use, they suffer from ageing and loose much capacity when cold. delivers car batteries as plug-in replacements using Carbon based Power Capacitors. These are premium car batteries for the most demanding vehicles:

  • No issues to start when the weather is freezing cold (-20°C or -40°C)
  • Zero maintenance for the lifetime of the vehicle
  • Lower fuel consumption for spark plug based gasoline engines (from 3 to 8% vehicle dependent)
  • 2 to 3% more engine power, especially at higher rpm (gasoline engines)
  • Specific configurations for specific applications
  • As a traction battery (e.g. forklifts) capability to charge very fast, reducing unproductive down time
  • Can easily be used for 10 years without replacement

Download the specifications here.

Below a comparitive motor test (tuned Opel Corsa gasoline engine). Once with the standard lead-acid accu and once with a 60 Ah power capacitor accu. Tests done on a MAHA 1000 Single Roller Dynamometer by VIVES labs in Kortrijk.